Last Weekend…TRASHION!

So last weekend was Trashion 2009,  held in the Atrium Building in Troy, NY, and it was fantastic.  I had six models on the runway this time and each one rocked it.  Special thanks goes out to each one of them: Kelly and Kate H who wore my work in shows last year.  Theresa, Tia, Kate R., and Rob who were new to the scene.  And last but not least Colleen, the director of the Fulton Street Gallery, who wore one of my dresses not to model for me but simply because she really loved it.

All in attendance had a lot of fun, and the feedback has been very positive.  In addition to the runway show this Gala was also the opening of Re-Arting Troy.  Which is an event that encompassed -the artwork installed at the Atrium (which I have 5 hanging), sculpture trees installed outside in Troy, the Trashion show, and an opportunity for two performance artists.  The work before hand for all of this was immence, but well worth it.


What are your thoughts?

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