Alchemy of Woodstock to Feature My Mandalas

My mandalas will be featured in a Brand New Hotspot called Alchemy. It’s located in Woodstock, NY next to the Bearsville Theater and the famed Utopia recording studios. I invite everyone to check out this place, it’s got performances, open mic nites for music and poetry, great coffee, healthy food, and of course – art. Alchemy of Woodstock, founded by Stephanie Izarek and Nick Martin, is located at 297 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY (in the Bearsville Theater complex).” 845-684-5068

“Alchemy, is part coffeehouse, bookstore, music venue, and art gallery. True to the deepest meaning of the word alchemy –the magical process of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary –the new cafe will serve as a space for the Woodstock community to celebrate the spirit of creativity and self-expression. Customers will experience a true coffeehouse with Alchemy’s exceptional coffee, affordable comfort food, live acoustic music, handpicked books, the work of local artists, free WiFi, and the free exchange of ideas.

Our goal is for Alchemy to serve as a fun and vibrant gathering place for local residents and tourists alike—a space that encourages creativity, community, consciousness, the exploration of diverse ideas, and generally, the pursuit of living the best life possible. We are here to embrace and build on the magical, creative energy that has come to define Woodstock.”

Alchemy is a member of the American Booksellers Association, a trade organization representing independently owned bookstores nationwide.


What are your thoughts?

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