Recent & Current Events

So, In the last week and a half there were two local events I participated in.

The first was a black tie benefit for Albany Center Gallery that is held every year called “Too Marvelous For Words” and appropriately titled night. Located at 11 N. Pearl Street there was a wonderful crowd of artists, supporters and other fashionable people. Upon arrival you step out of your car, hand the keys to a valet and are directed to the carpeted entry where your own personal group of paparazzi snap your picture here and there. Check your coats, check in and as you turn the corner you join the most elegant of parties. Decorations by Drops of Jupiter made an already fabulous location even more special. Around the room were artworks and items to be sold during both a live and a silent auction. After a night of luxury one can see how appreciated ACG is by the community.

The second was Tight Knit, held at the Frear Building in Troy. Crafters and Artists (like myself) filled all three floors of this architecturally stunning building. Although sales for all of us were on the slower side, the people who came to see us were happy, curious about our work and plentiful. So I consider it a success and look forward to it again next year.


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