Valentine’s Day Arts News

Today is Valentine’s Day, and in the US art world it brought disappointing news.  The Government released it’s 2012 Fiscal Year Budget Request to Congress.  In it was another cut in funding for the arts.  There is even a possibility of them pushing to eliminate the National Endowment of the Arts!

When will they learn that in history cultures are remembered for a few things: war, scientific achievement, and the arts.  As it stands right now this nation will be remembered for the wars and conflicts it meddled in.  Is this how we want to be remembered? Not for cultural contributions?

To add to it, by cutting arts in education they’re just creating students with less capabilities to learn and grow. It is a proven fact that children who make art or play instruments excel further in other subjects like math and science.
Cutting the arts and funding for the arts seems to be a rapidly growing trend that I, for one, find appalling.

There is more info on the proposed budget Americans for the Arts News.
If you’d like to take action Click Here.


What are your thoughts?

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