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Just last week was a Tribute to the Trashion show held in the Black Box Theatre at the Art Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY.  (I didn’t even know they had a theatre!)  It was small and informal and even allowed for a Q & A session.  Lucky for us the Fence Show also opened in the center that night, so tons of people were there.

Tomorrow there will be an opening at Davey Jones Gallery showing creations made for Discard Avant Garb in the past.  Among the pieces on exhibit will be my Film dress.  For those of you who have only heard of it but haven’t seen it up close, this is your chance! Trust me it’s worth a closer look.  Accompanying it will be a photo collage of it in action during the Discard show it was in, with my beautiful model Kelly showing it off.  This is in conjunction with Albany First Friday, so you can make a night of it.