Adventures in Troy (Troy Night Out July 2011)

I went out to July’s Troy Night Out in Troy, NY and to my delight found lots of interesting things to see…

My first stop was to the Photo Center of the Capital Region to see “Marks of Identity” photos by William Demichele. They were very powerful images and I’m not surprised that prior to being shown here these photographs were exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.

From there I wandered onto River Street. Popped into Anchor No. 5 Boutique to see the work of Ali Herrmann and all the other fun goodies Petra has in the shop. When you go there you’ll find handbags by Petra , fabric creations by Revel (Kristin Gallo) , headbands by Stonewash & Bloom  and lots, lots more handmade items.

Then not to far away I saw the exquisite terrariums in The Botanic Studio created by Dawn Gagne.  They are something you definitely have to see these in person (and of course take one home.)  They also had free margaritas and back massages.  All in all I call this place a piece of heaven.

Last but not least I headed for Fulton Street Gallery to say farewell to Colleen Skiff who founded the gallery almost 14 years ago.  She will be moving on to focus more on her own artwork.  (So we can be sure to continue to hear about her.) The last show that is up through August shows just some of the many artists that have graced the walls there.  It was in fact, the first gallery I exhibited at in the capital area.  so this was bittersweet for me.  However the gallery is not closing it’s doors. Starting in september Nick Argyros of the Photo Center will take on the director position, and I hope to continue helping out whenever I can. Here’s and article by the Troy Record about this.

Check out my pictures from that night…


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