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I went out on Thursday (the 18th), first to Mass MOCA in North Adams.  Where I was particularlly interested in seeing Nari Ward’s “Sub Mirage Lignum” and Katharina Grosse’s “One Floor Up More Highly”  You can see both photographed here.  Grosse’s work was amazing styrofoam and spray paint everywhere.  In contrast Ward’s sculpture was more structural, bound, and seemed to have more of a distinct narrative.  (Unfortunately I only captured a few good photos of the work.)

Then I was off to Pittsfield, MA to catch some of the WordXWord Festival which ran August 13th-20th.  I’m definitely going to try to see more of this next time it happens because I was thoroughly impressed by the little bit I did this time.  My night ended with the band “Billy Keane and the Misdemeanor Outlaws” at Mission in Pittsfield, where they seriously rocked.  This is a group I look forward to following and seeing again.

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and Here’s a video of the band playing…http://www.facebook.com/v/2374500608805