American Arts Award Finalist!

A while back I was contacted with a very kind request to submit work into the American Arts Awards competition.  This is juried by 25 top galleries in 25 different states in the US and the results just came out… I placed fourth in the Digital Non-Representational Category!!!

My winning Image is to the left…

To see the list of winners in all the categories go to if you scroll down the page to Category 52 you’ll see me.  Then further down the page there are pdf files with images and contact information for all finalists and winners. These results are distributed to over 30,000 galleries, collectors, and artists. And all of that information stays on their website for a year or more.

A some of the galleries jurying were Walter Wickiser in NYC, Divergence Fine Art in Baltimore Maryland, and Cavalier Galleries in Greenwich Connecticut just to name a few.  I was already following several of the galleries on the list of 25 and am so honored that they took such a notice of me.  Not to mention Thom Bierdz himself who is an actor on “The Young and the Restless”, an artist, author, and activist.  He was the one to notice me first and encouraged me to submit my work.

I am stunned and thrilled at all of this. And can not wait for whatever the future brings to me next.


What are your thoughts?

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