Are you shopping yet?

Are you looking for something that will blow them away? This year buy a piece of Original Artwork! This is a can’t miss gift that I’m certain will be cherished always. How can I be so certain? I’ve been giving people artwork for years now and every single time my friends and family have loved whatever it is. This goes for my artwork AND others.

I am trying very hard to be at at least one craft fair this holiday season…the one I’m usually at had to, unfortunately, be canceled this year. So I’m late in the game signing up and ¬†scrambling to find another one so I can meet some of you in person. (The handful reading this, I say smiling.) In the meantime, for right now you can see some of my work on my etsy site – which will have more on it very soon I promise, in Davey Jones Locker – Albany, NY, and my lampshades are currently on display (& for sale of course) at Half Moon Books in Kingston NY and Inquiring Minds in Saugerties NY.

I hope you at least stop by any of these places and check out my work. Let me know what you think and hopefully you will love the work as much as I do. Keep reading here too. I’m going to list other locations to find artwork and maybe even individual artists themselves.

my work in Davey Jones
one of my watercolor mandalas

What are your thoughts?

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