Art Takes-Over Times Square: Help me show there!

I just applied to show my work in Times Square! So what I need now is for my fans, that’s you reader, to Collect me HERE. That’s how you vote and the more votes I get, the better my chances are.  It’s a really cool competition. This group has arranged to take over billboards in Times Square in NYC and turn it into a temporary gallery.

Their website states that “One artist will be selected to receive $10,000 cash, a printed inclusion in a limited edition Art Takes Times Square book, and the exhibition of a lifetime: his/her work will be displayed on the most iconic billboards of Times Square.  If selected your work will be seen in bright lights by tens of thousands of people in Times Square. We will also produce an online feature sent out to hundreds of thousands of art enthusiasts around the globe. Prepare for art infamy.  All artists get a gorgeous online portfolio and hundreds will be shown at the Artists Wanted after-party featuring Questlove of the Roots / Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The highest collected artists will have their submissions reviewed by chashama and Artists Wanted to determine the Grand Prize winner.”

There’s an award for one of the voters as well.  They will pick one of the what they call “collectors”, the one they think has the best online collection, to receive a $2,500 luxury stay in NYC AND $2,500 cash to spend however you like. 


One thought on “Art Takes-Over Times Square: Help me show there!

  1. So I’m understanding that some people are getting confused and put off by the website I’ve asked you to go to to help my chances of showing in Times Square… So here’s how it works: Click on the link below and then click where it says “Collect Me” at the top of the page. The website then asks you to sign-up or login do either one. The next page you’ll see is your name at the top of the page and an image of my artwork below it. That’s it! you’ve voted for me by doing that. It only takes that two minutes to do it… sorry if I didn’t give better explanation before now. And remember you can only vote for me once, so pass it on and encourage others to help out too. Thanks Everyone!


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