Keep on voting!


I just checked and now I’ve been “Collected” 32 times. (Clicking “collect me” is how you vote!) Keep it going guys! 

So I’m understanding that some people are getting confused and put off by the website I’ve asked you to go to to help my chances of showing in Times Square… So here’s how it works: Click on the link below and then click where it says “Collect Me” at the top of the page. The website then asks you to sign-up or login – do either one. The next page you’ll see is your name at the top of the page and an image of my artwork below it. That’s it! you’ve voted for me by doing that. It only takes that two minutes to do it… sorry if I didn’t give better explanation before now. If you’re worried, or don’t really want to be connected to their system but want to help me out anyways do the sign in with facebook, collect me, then go back to facebook and remove the app.

And remember you can only vote for me once, so pass it on and encourage others to help out too. Thanks Everyone!

“9april20101” one of my entries for Art Takes Times Square.

What are your thoughts?

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