Sorry, and a few new drawings!

Sorry it’s been so long...  i have good reasons though. First I hurt my hand therefore no typing, computer usage, painting, and a lot of other normal everyday things that we take for granted. Shortly after that I moved to a new apartment where I can have my own studio.


I’m still setting it up, figuring out where and how I want things, settling into my space. it’s not a closet either, so loads of space to play in. And I’m actually in it right now while writing this.

After my hand was well enough I had whole bunch of cane and rush chairs to catch up on doing, so I was preoccupied and forgot that someone out there might want to read a new entry on my blog.

Wow, have I talked enough for you yet?  To make it up to everyone I’m including three new drawings.  They’re unlike anything I’ve done in years, and the subject is completely new for me.  I just finished a commission where the images were to be of Jesus comforting someone. Black and white pen drawings all of these are about 7-8.5″ wide. One or all of them will be distributed along with text and lectures at local nursing homes from what I understand.

I’ll try to write again soon… in the meantime, enjoy. Feel free to, as always, let me know what you think of them.


One thought on “Sorry, and a few new drawings!

  1. hi Erika, these are lovely keep going sweetie, and I know that Jesus loves you and your portrayal of him


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