More than an announcement…

Ok readers, time to try something new. Often I write my thoughts in my sketchbook and they don’t get seen by anyone but me and it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps instead of just posting show announcements here in my blog that these notes might be shared too. So it’s time to try it. I do not know how often I will do this, and hope that it will be more often than my previous posts, but no guarantees. A couple of weeks ago I wrote the following (life got a bit tougher and I forgot until tonight) That writing was what prompted me to do this…

“I don’t really know where my head’s been lately but I feel stuck. Perhaps it’s because after having my hand healing for so long and moving to a new place with an actual studio that I couldn’t set up (because of that hand injury), and some rough family stuff I’ve been dealing with, it all just threw me off. Out of sync with my creativity. I’ve also been busy fixing chairs that focusing my energy elsewhere I sometimes feel guilty or that it’s neglecting the chair work. (People do wait for me to weave them after all, and I’ve got so many waiting I hate to make people wait longer than necessary.) But by doing that i sacrifice time that could be used to set up my studio, which is still discombobulated, or creating new work. So now I feel stuck, and almost like I don’t know where or how to start. Even now I shoud be writing this as a blog entry. (Maybe later…) I should try putting my creative journey with its flaws and roadblocks out there and see what response I get. The blog – I think I need to get more personal, but it’s hard to put it out there when you keep to yourself so very often. Maybe my handful of readers will understand this. I certainly won’t know unless I try.

Time to stop being the shy cowardly lion… By the way, where are we going and why am I in this hand basket?”

emk-sketchbookdrawing1Shortly after I drew this… rare look into my sketchbook…

Now, for a show announcement, of course.  I am part of a group show at the Tivoli Artists Gallery that is showing off digital art.  (In case you’re interested it’s Tivoli, NY and the show will be open until August 25th.)  It’s in the back room of the gallery.  The front room is featuring Alan Reich’s furniture and photography.  Here’s a few photos from the opening yesterday evening.  Oh, and despite appearances we did have a pretty good crowd of people, I just managed to get shots beforehand 🙂



What are your thoughts?

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