Arabesque Dress

you guys have got to see this dress made for an “unconventional” fashion show in NC. I just discovered this artist and the dress is inspiring to say the least.

Whatnot and Such

Back in July I participated in Costume Drama, an unconventional fashion show here in Asheville, NC. Participants volunteered to make a dress in one of four categories: Paper, Nature, Recycled, or Light. Each dress was modeled on the runway, and the audience voted for their favorites in each category, and from the category winners- Best in Show. The event was a fundraiser for the Asheville Community Theatre and raised over $7,000!

I decided to enter the Light category back in March when the call opened. Out of pure luck the event organizer, Sara Fields, paired me with my model- Amanda Swafford. Is the name familiar? You should google it. Then I started getting attention from the local paper and famous photographers… It was some pressure. I spent all of my free time- over 60 hours- completing this torture chamber of a garment out of soldered copper, steel, tissue paper…

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