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I’m in a new show opening this saturday, 28 Sept, from 6-8pm at the Tivoli Artists Gallery in Tivoli, NY.  Entitled “PULP: Works on Paper”.  17 artists will present a show about, with and on paper, which will include painting, photography, drawing, monotyoe, collage, installation, and woodworking.  The work I have there is primarily my watercolor mandalas.  I submitted a couple of landscape watercolors as well but don’t know what exact pieces were chosen to be hung.  I’ll find out on Saturday with everyone else.

"Pulp: Works on Paper".  Tivoli Artist Gallery.  27 Sept - 20 Oct 2013.

“Pulp: Works on Paper”. Tivoli Artist Gallery. 27 Sept – 20 Oct 2013.


In the meantime I am still watching the results of the American Art Awards roll out. They’re being released on HighlightHollywood.com and on the American Art Awards Facebook fanpage. Just a few categories a day and the one I submitted in was above #40 so it takes some time. I haven’t heard anything via email yet though so I’m thinking that I didn’t place this year. But I did the past two and that’s something.