A vision of Grace

Like many people out there I knew a breast cancer survivor, my grandmother.  So this project touches pretty close to home.  I want to ask all of you to help support this artist in her project called Grace. Grace is a series of powerful and transformative portraits documenting the courage, beauty and grace of women who have had mastectomy surgery in order to survive Breast Cancer.

The fundraising is to help make the project grow into a traveling exhibition, to publish a book that would be freely given to oncology centers, breast cancer support centers, hospitals, etc., and to help get around and take photos of women not just locally.  To Support this amazing project please Join Grace’s Crowd Funding Campaign at RocketHub.  Even if right now you can’t help financially could you please help spread the word? Share the project to everyone.

There’s a Facebook fanpage for Grace, here.

To give you a glimpse into this project… Here are 3 survivors of breast cancer standing next to the photograph that was taken of them by Charise Isis of The Grace Project.

3 Survivors with photos taken of them in The Grace Project. This image taken at her show at GCCA.


What are your thoughts?

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