The evening hushed

I am sitting next to an open window when I noticed it was unusually quiet. No cars, no late night walkers passing by, not even the wind or sound of birds. It’s only 11pm and usually I hear at least a car or two. So I look outside. To my surprise it’s snowing. Actually snowing, dusting parked cars, passing by my window on a breeze, frosting tree limbs that only just began to bud with spring. I just had to go outside, with camera in tow (of course). It was like walking in a springtime snowglobe all lit with amber streetlamp light.

I captured some pretty cool images, which are still in my camera but will post very soon. But for now I wanted to share this with you. I’m sure come morning it will be gone and perhaps only a few night owls like myself will have seen it.


What are your thoughts?

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