New year, New project.

I briefly wrote on my facebook fan page about my newest project. A challenge and a change of pace. I have joined the Sketchbook Project. With my new sketchbook in hand and the theme “Parts of the Whole” in my head I sat down and began. With one page done it has already been interesting. The challenge will culminate in the unique piece being digitized and then becoming part of a mobile library tour, an online collection, and ultimately to be found in the project’s home in Brooklyn. As usual I have no concrete ideas and intend to let the work guide me. Of course always keeping that theme in mind as well. I’ve posted a tiny piece of the first completed page. To hopefully keep people interested I have no plans on showing every page nor whole pages. Please feel free to let me know what you think of what I do share though.

(I also hope to post more this year. The last 6 or so months were rough for me, hopefully the next year won’t have quite the same challenges. I’d much rather have the creative & productive kind. Fingers crossed.)




What are your thoughts?

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