Crafts & Art for the holidays

My award winning painting “tried in vain” and two other pieces of mine also done in the last year are showing at the Greene County Council on the Arts in Catskill, NY. If you aren’t familiar with the Annual Salon show it’s an experience not to be missed. Loads of artwork of all medium, styles, and subjects, hung high to quite low and all snug up together. What also makes it unique is that if there’s a piece you fancy and want to buy the staff cashes you out and takes it off the wall right then and there. That means you could find some wonderful gifts while supporting local artists and the art council. Here’s a photo of us hanging the show…

And my walnut ink drawing of a seated figure is on the left in this photo (the brown wood frame).

The Salon show is up now through early January.

This year I opted to sign up to be at a smaller craft fair. So if you want to see my lampshades (and me of course) come to “Christmas by the River” in Coxsackie this Sunday December 4th. I’ll be in the old fire house on South St, just go to the end of Reed and turn right. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there. 


A Balloon Massacre

In case you haven’t “liked” me on Facebook yet I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see the last day of the “AVIARY” installation created by Jason Hackenworth.  It was first exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum in NYC for one day through the Works and Process program then it traveled north with only one destination.  Catskill, NY.

In Catskill, thanks to the Masters on Main Street program, this huge sculpture was exhibited for an entire month (in sections though, since there’s no space big enough to show it in one piece).  This culminated in a balloon popping event which although not highly attended, was an awful lot of fun for the adults who participated. There was no way for anyone there to not smile and laugh at the chaos that went on.  If you weren’t there it’s really a shame, but you can at least see the silliness in my photographs. The first photos are of it installed during the Wine and Cheese Festival earlier in the day.  Directly after that all the balloons were dropped onto a tarp and then… Balloon Massacre! 

Balloon Popping Event Videos –  Part 1  &  Part 2

My trip to NYC – Part 1

It took a little while, but here are the photos from Art Takes Times Square.

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Al in all it was a good night, lots of people, great music at the VIP Party and beautiful weather.  Here’s a video of my work being shown in times square.

My only 3 criticisms were that the work was shown on a temporary billboard set up that day and the image was a little grainy (a lot of the artists like me thought the display was going to be on one of the big permanent billboards), the image was cropped when it didn’t need to be, and it was only up for a really short time.