Snowstorming, January 2017


How does work change in process?

I’m happy to say that I have been creating a lot lately. Some I’m happy with, some that get tossed – that’s normal for me. But I have been taking photos of work as it progresses, grows, changes… I thought it might be interesting to see both for myself and maybe for you as well.


I got a new challenge when a friend called me a week ago. Their daughter was doing a project and she asked if I could help out since I’m an artist. They asked me how I was at sculpting. Laughing I said it depends on what, how big, and when did they need it. (If they wanted the statue of David… Yeah that’s a no). A koala, not big just 2-4″, and in one week. I haven’t sculpted any animals since making playdoh ones at mom’s nursery school and obviously those were not exactly masterpieces. But not one to back down from a reasonable challenge I said yes. Serendipitously I actually had grey/silver “sculpty” clay (why I haven’t a clue). Went online to find images to work from, and started.

A few times I got frustrated of course, and took a breaks. Found out how hard it can be to give something texture all over, like fur, when you have to hold the thing somehow. Learned a thing or two about koalas… Did you know they have 2 opposable thumbs? In the end I did it, and in just the week. For a first time detailed animal sculpture I think is came out pretty well. My friend certainly liked it when he came to get it yesterday evening. Here are a couple of my reference photos and photographs of the finished piece.