Crafts & Art for the holidays

My award winning painting “tried in vain” and two other pieces of mine also done in the last year are showing at the Greene County Council on the Arts in Catskill, NY. If you aren’t familiar with the Annual Salon show it’s an experience not to be missed. Loads of artwork of all medium, styles, and subjects, hung high to quite low and all snug up together. What also makes it unique is that if there’s a piece you fancy and want to buy the staff cashes you out and takes it off the wall right then and there. That means you could find some wonderful gifts while supporting local artists and the art council. Here’s a photo of us hanging the show…

And my walnut ink drawing of a seated figure is on the left in this photo (the brown wood frame).

The Salon show is up now through early January.

This year I opted to sign up to be at a smaller craft fair. So if you want to see my lampshades (and me of course) come to “Christmas by the River” in Coxsackie this Sunday December 4th. I’ll be in the old fire house on South St, just go to the end of Reed and turn right. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there. 


How does work change in process?

I’m happy to say that I have been creating a lot lately. Some I’m happy with, some that get tossed – that’s normal for me. But I have been taking photos of work as it progresses, grows, changes… I thought it might be interesting to see both for myself and maybe for you as well.


Tour started

The 2015 Sketchbook Project tour has started (first stop was this weekend in Atlanta). They’re on the way to Miami right now and if any of the stops are near you please feel free to stop by and see my book as well as lots of others. This is the last year they will actually take the books on a tour so take advantage of the opportunity! (The project will continue just not the tour part in the future.)


  • June 5-7 / Atlanta, GA
  • June 13 / Miami, FL
  • June 19-21 / Austin, TX
  • June 26-28 / Los Angeles, CA
  • Aug 7 / Oakland, CA
  • August 8- 9 / San Francisco, CA
  • August 13-15 / Seattle, WA
  • August 22-23 / Chicago, IL
  • August 28-30 / Toronto, ON
  • Then back to Brooklyn, NY.

For more details about the tour stops and times you can check out the website or the facebook page.

My book will also be viewable online soon. But while you wait for that here are some photos I took before mailing it in.