Crafts & Art for the holidays

My award winning painting “tried in vain” and two other pieces of mine also done in the last year are showing at the Greene County Council on the Arts in Catskill, NY. If you aren’t familiar with the Annual Salon show it’s an experience not to be missed. Loads of artwork of all medium, styles, and subjects, hung high to quite low and all snug up together. What also makes it unique is that if there’s a piece you fancy and want to buy the staff cashes you out and takes it off the wall right then and there. That means you could find some wonderful gifts while supporting local artists and the art council. Here’s a photo of us hanging the show…

And my walnut ink drawing of a seated figure is on the left in this photo (the brown wood frame).

The Salon show is up now through early January.

This year I opted to sign up to be at a smaller craft fair. So if you want to see my lampshades (and me of course) come to “Christmas by the River” in Coxsackie this Sunday December 4th. I’ll be in the old fire house on South St, just go to the end of Reed and turn right. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there. 


Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

So today is “Inspire Your Heart With Art” Day. A day when you should take a moment, or several, to find some art to appreciate. Something positive, an image that makes your soul warm, a song that makes you smile, see a play, anything to inspire your hearts (skip the edgy, political, angry types of art today). Or spend some time creating art from your hearts, inspire someone else too.

A few suggestions…
Movies: “Midnight in Paris“, “Hugo“, “Mamma Mia“, “Robin & the 7 Hoods

Music: Yo Yo Ma, James Taylor, Camille West, Billy Keane & the Misdemeanor Outlaws
Artists: Claude Monet, Jeff Koons, Keelan McMorrow, Alphonse Mucha, Douglas Maguire, and well… Me too. (for more art that I like check out my board on pinterest here)


Reimagined ends soon, imagination doesn’t.

In just a few days the “Reimagined” Show at the Tivoli Artists Gallery will come to a close (last day is July 20th). All in all I think it was successful and I am very happy with how my work looks. Always nervous when new paintings get shown. These are brand new and no one but me had seen them.  What do you think?

I co-curated the show and when we called for artwork I challenged the artists to think outside their comfort zones in some cases and use recycled or discarded materials to create artwork. On show is a variety of mediums: watercolor paintings, oil paintings, sculpture, mixed media, collage, photographs, & i included the film dress and one of my film lampshades …  I posted all the photos of the show on Facebook.

My imagination is fired up and now I just have to keep the momentum. Sometimes that’s the hardest bit.